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Festival Tchovi

Festival Dates

2023-10-28 > 2023-10-30


Port-au-prince, Haiti


The Tchovi Festival offers a unique platform for Haitian and international theatre companies to present their shows specially designed for children. It showcases a variety of artistic from theatre and puppetry to dance and music. Children will have the opportunity to discover a variety of artistic forms and be amazed by captivating stories.  In addition to the performances, the Tchovi festival also offers workshops and training courses for artists and professionals working in the field of theatre for young audiences. These training sessions aim to enhance participants’ skills, share creative techniques and encourage exchanges between theatre practitioners.

The Tchovi festival event is a valuable opportunity for Haitian artists to connect with international companies and artists, establish partnerships and benefit from new artistic new artistic perspectives. The resulting collaborations and exchanges will help the young audience theatre sector in Haiti by enriching local artistic practices. To ensure the success of the Tchovi festival, the Fenêtre des Enfants association is seeking support from cultural institutions, sponsors and partners. By investing in this major event, they are promoting theatre for young audiences in Haiti and help to provide children with enriching cultural experiences.

The Tchovi festival organised by the association Fenêtre des Enfants- ASSITEJ Haïti is a crucial step in strengthening young people’s theatre in Haiti. Thanks to this event, Haitian children will have access to quality shows and artistic training, while theatre artists and professionals will have the opportunity to develop their skills and establish lasting collaborations.










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